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Open Consultations and questionnaires


This is your opportunity to influence decisions and to have your say on a range of topics:


Call for evidence on approach to Loneliness Strategy

The Loneliness Strategy is Government’s first step in tackling the long-term challenge of loneliness. Loneliness is a complex issue that affects many different groups of people, and the evidence base on it is still developing.

The strategy will be focussed on where we have the clearest opportunity for government action and further learning. 

We are interested in hearing from people and organisations with experience of working to reduce loneliness.

Closing date: 20th July


KCC launches online Big Conversation on future of rural bus services 

Kent County Council has launched its Big Conversation programme online, allowing residents to take part in a consultation on the future of rural transport services. Until August 8, residents can have their say on how rural transport could look in the future as KCC faces ever decreasing funding to support subsidised bus services


Chance to have your say on Kent’s footpaths and bridleways

Kent residents are being asked for their opinions on the county council’s plans for maintaining and improving public footpaths and bridleways.

KCC has launched a 12-week consultation on its Public Rights of Way strategy for the next 10 years.

Closing date: 12th September

Charity _digital _code _logo (1)  

Consultation on Charity Digital Code of Practice 
The aim of the Code is to make digital more accessible to charities of all sizes, helping them develop their skills and increase their take up of digital activity. It will also aim to create a level playing field for all organisations and to make charities more accessible for beneficiaries, as well as to create new opportunities for funders to engage with digital, and enhance collaboration across the sector.

Closing date: 25th September

NCVO (1)  

Code of Ethics
NCVO has been developing a set of principles that can act as a ‘code of ethics’ for the charity sector and is now consulting on a draft code.

Closing date: 26th September

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