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Open Consultations and questionnaires


This is your opportunity to influence decisions and to have your say on a range of topics:   


Running free: consultation on preserving the free use of public parks

The government is consulting on proposals to legislate to put it beyond doubt that local authorities, including parish councils, cannot charge parkrun or junior parkrun for the use of public parks.

Closing date: 5th July

 Dept . Education  

National Fostering Stocktake 

Department for Education are seeking views on the current state of foster care in England and how to improve the prospects of children in care.

Closing date: 16th June


Family Events and Activities

As part of their funding from Heritage Lottery Fund, Tunbrdge Wells Cultural and learning hub are exploring what might be provided in the new Hub. This questionnaire is part of a wider dialogue about the Hub and how it will be used. Your answers will help us make decisions about future facilities and programmes within it. 

Closing date: 27th May

 Gov (2)  

Consultation on complementary and alternative medicines

This consultation is about the Commission’s approach to deciding whether an organisation which uses or promotes CAM therapies is a charity. For an organisation to be charitable, its purposes must be exclusively charitable. Some purposes relate to health and to relieve the needs of the elderly and disabled.

We are seeking views on:

  • the level and nature of evidence to support CAM
  • conflicting and inconsistent evidence
  • alternative therapies and the risk of harm
  • palliative alternative therapy

Closing date: 19th May


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