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HeadStart Kent Resilience Hub


The brand new HeadStart Kent Resilience Hub website has been launched. It is the “go-to” site for everything to do with emotional wellbeing and resilience of young people with a wealth of information and resources. It includes sections for young people, parents and carers and people working in schools and communities. It has been coproduced with HeadStart’s Speak Out young people members along the way. The young people have also been involved in the production of key animations about the programme and the Domains Based Conversation tool, which all feature on the Hub. 

Key features of the Resilience Hub include: 

  • The Domains Based Conversationtool is accessible county-wide. The Domains Based Conversation tool allows practitioners to support young people with their resilience using six resilience domains and track the progress of this. To watch a video of the Domains Based Conversations in action, click the ‘watch the film’ on the right hand side here: .  For guidance and the template to use when having Domains Based Conversations (amongst other useful document)  

  • Training opportunities for staff are available on the Hub. These are all on the ‘In Your District’ pages and there are web-links to the websites of our Delivery Partners. The Training for professionals and the voluntary sector includes Resilience, Mindfulness and Youth Mental Health First Aid.  

  • Commissioned services which young people can be referred to on each district page includes Volunteer Mentoring, Intensive Mentoring and School Transition Family Group Work. A link to Online Counselling is also included and this can be accessed by young people directly themselves without the need for a referral.  

  • On the Resilience Hub there is also information on two sets of grants available for young people, aged 10 – 16. The Pay It Forward grants are available countywide and the Talents and Interests grants are available tosupport the development of a young person’s interests and activities that are identified through a Domains Based Conversation.  

  • The young people’s pages includes information on resilience and what resilience looks like, as well as self-help activities, sign-posting and information on how to get involved with the HeadStart programme  

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