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Status: Live

Project information:  

A mentoring, training & support package to enable young people to participate as trustees on local boards & Training & Support for trustee boards in regard to utilizing young people as trustees:

  • To actively recruit, induct, train and supervise volunteers to become trustees 
  • To provide regular individual and group support and/or mentoring for these volunteers 
  • To guide trustees as mentors for young people
  • To engage and support and train the VCSE in regard to the placement, empowerment & support of young volunteers as trustees 

Leading to:

  • Increased diversity: Young people bring a level of diversity not present amongst the majority of local trustee boards
  • Increasing the skills and future employability of young people
  • Enabling  Young people to add skills which are not present in many local organisations

Your time commitment:  Variable

Target Audience:   Trustee Boards seeking new members and increased diversity and young people looking to gain skills, and engage in community involvement.

Geographical area covered: Initially in the Canterbury District before being extended across Kent.

Preconditions to participate:  No 

Do I need to provide any information: No

What does it cost? £100 per trustee recruited and supported (after initial pilot phase)

To apply please contact:


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