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Young Trustees

SKC provides training for young people wishing to become a trustee, this service enables young people to train and share their own skills with the voluntary sector and engage with their local community. Support is provided for both young people and the organisation they join.

For more information please contact: 
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Social Enterprises

SKC provides support services to budding social entrepreneurs seeking to launch new community-led and owned businesses across Kent. We provide assistance in creating appropriate governance mechanisms, identifying new investment opportunities, developing supply chains and networking  social entrepreneurs with further contacts.

For more information please contact: Carl Adams, Rural Community and Social Enterprise Development 0771932605 


Recognition of Excellent Volunteer and Management Practice (REVAMP)

REVAMP is a quality mark for organisations, the assessment has been developed by Volunteer Centres across Kent. Participating in REVAMP offers a great opportunity for your organisation to evaluate your policies and practices and ensure they work effectively for you. REVAMP also shows your organisation offers meaningful and well supported opportunities for potential volunteers.

For more information please contact: Alex Krutnik for further information about REVAMP


One day courses

We run a number of short courses around Kent. These are run by an experienced trainer in central venues across the county, courses are advertised on Eventbrite, SKC makes a small charge for each course attended.

Contact Pauline Smith for futher information on 01732 749426 or email:


Fundraising skills for young people aged 14-25yrs

Young people can improve their fundraising skills to raise funds for their own clubs, voluntary groups, sports organisations or youth clubs. The aim is that young people can share their new found knowledge amongst their groups to help sustain their club in the future.  They can also utilise these skills in future employment or other activities e.g. in gaining Duke of Edinburgh award.

Contact: Contact please or call 07702 490814


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